USA Cigar Case & Cutter Gift Set


Cigar case and cutter gift set.

  • Includes: 2-stick cigar case with flag of the United States
  • 64 RG Big Boy cutter
  • Packed together in a full color gift box

Cigar cases features:

  • 62 ring gauge 2-stick cigar case¬†with flag color print on top (front and back)
  • Stitched pouch to hold blue Big Boy 64 RG Cigar Cutter
  • Embossed with Lotus icon
  • Textured leather look

Cigar cutter features:

  • VC200 Cigar Cutter black plastic & stainless steel
  • Double action cutter
  • 64 ring gauge



Lotus 2-Stick Cigar with All over print with flag of the United States
62 Ring Gauge 2- Stick Cigar Case with All over print, cutter pouch & Big Boy Cutter Gift Set


Additional information

Dimensions 7.83 × 4.00 × 1.75 in


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