Welcome to Lotus

Lotus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers delivering a broad portfolio of high-quality, innovative smoking accessories. With over 75 different lighter assortments to choose from and retail prices from $6.99 to $100, we offer one-stop shopping for every budget.

Our team of brands includes Lotus, Vertigo by Lotus & prestigious licenses with worldwide distribution for Margaritaville, Landshark, and Australian Gold – names that are tantamount to superior styling, high performance, and value with worldwide brand appeal. Built upon a reputation for safety, reliability, and durability as our top priority, we’re a favorite among smoking enthusiasts.

All of our factories are ISO certified, and our product line is backed by a solid warranty and repair service center. Since 1991, starting in Düsseldorf Germany, Lotus Group has been the “gold” standard in fit/finish and design/engineering of luxury lighters in the US.

The US headquarters and warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and our China office/warehouse with a team of designers, engineers, and inspectors consistently strive to make your satisfaction our number one priority.

Lotus is our world renown best in class smoking accessory line that has been a constant factor in the continuing success within the tobacconist's trade for over 25 years.

Vertigo Your “Go-To” smoking accessories include multiple torch, coil, soft flame/pipe, pocket and table lighters, V-cut, guillotine cutters some featuring serrated blades and XL ring gauges, lighter/cutter combination gift sets.